Just send me a picture of your pet and I will turn it into a Personalised Renaissance painting Pet Portrait 

If you would like a particular historical character not shown in the pictures for your Royal Pet Portrait just ask and we can discuss, everything is possible :)

I will need a good quality picture, ideally clear, in natural light and not blurry, taken from your pets eye level.

The better the photo, the better the portrait I can produce!


Please send it to me at

Once you have placed the order and sent the photo I will send you a preview within 5 days to make sure you are happy before I post the final product. Might be a little longer on busy periods so if you need it for a specific date let me know and I will do my best to deliver in time!



Some ideas we can turn your pet into...

Admiral pet portrait, Queen pet portrait, Queen Elizabeth pet portrait, princess pet portrait, Nelson Pet portrait, Henry VIII pet portrait, general pet portrait, poet pet portrait, Shakespeare pet portrait, colonel pet portrait, dame pet portrait, ambassador pet portrait, lord pet portrait, dog portrait, militar pet portrait dog, military uniform, period pet portrait, vintage pet portrait, classic pet portrait, royal pet portrait


All my Renaissance Pet Portraits are made by me in the UK