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Pet photography - Simple tips and tricks

Taking photos of pets can be very tricky!

In order to paint a good Pet Portrait it is vital I have clear photographs to work from so I have put together some very simple tips that will help you achieve a good shot.

LIGHTING Natural light is generally more flattering. The best is achieved outside or by a window if indoors but avoid direct sunlight as this could make your pet squint and create harsh shadows

Try to avoid using the flash. Direct flash can bounce off shiny fur making it look unpleasant and give the red eye effect.


The best photos are usually obtained when you get down to your pet's level. Take shots from different angles to see what works best.


This is the most difficult part! Talk to them to get their attention or hold treats where you’d like the pet to look. Use toys and treats to reward them if they are behaving well and let them leave if they get bored or impatient.


If you want your dog to smile, the easy way is to take them for a quick run or throw them a toy.

An active dog is a happy dog and will probably give you a big smile after settling down!


Here is a before and after of one of my most recent works. A Pet portrait of a lovely French Bulldog puppy! The photo is clear and bright, making it very easy for me to work with.

As most of the Pet Portraits I paint, it's made with watercolour and pastels.

Pet Portrait painting from photo French Bulldog before and after

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